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What is it?

LightDrive is the only fully patented alternative surfboard construction using corrugation.  The result is an ultra light, absurdly strong, spring loaded board.  LightDrive boards feel like that magic poly board but with the toughness of epoxy.  LightDrive uses a lightweight EPS blank combined with our own high performance epoxy.  LightDrive can be used on almost all of our models when you want to create an ultra light and responsive board.


LightDrive uses the most simple yet effective principle of engineering, CORRUGATION.  
Corrugation is a natural phenomenon giving structural integrity to all kinds of organic structures.  Palm fronds, seashells, even bones rely on corrugation to lower their weight while simultaneously increasing their strength.  In fact LightDrive is the only construction that actually removes material from the board to achieve a lower weight AND superior strength.

Twin corrugation channels are added to the board in a shape that follows the outline.  The corrugation channels are widest and deepest at the middle of the board where the stress is the greatest and then tapers toward the nose and tail to allow those areas to flex, spring and recoil with greater force.

Simple, yet amazingly effective.


How does it work?

LightDrive is fully protected by Patent No. 9,809,284 and all Lightdrive boards are built in the USA where the greatest most innovative boards in the world are made.   Have a look at our models and imagine which Lightdrive Vulcan would be right for you.

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