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Vulcan surfboards are built start to finish at our factory in North County, San Diego.  All of the boards are shaped by Dane.  Quality is top notch. We use only US Blanks "firsts" for our poly boards, and top quality billet or pressure molded eps for our epoxies.  Shipping is surprisingly reasonable, and we can send your custom anywhere in the US or you can pick it up from our factory in person.


We can build your board to any custom size you need and we're stoked to include multple stringers, colored blanks and different density foams.  Dane loves technology and won't flinch at Flexcore, Varial, Extruded, carbon fiber or ballistic fabrics.  


Just a couple things though. First, don't ask us to make you someone else's board, you're here for a Vulcan, good call. Furthermore we won't airbrush sports teams, cartoon characters, religious or political iconography/phraseology or anything crass on a Vulcan so please don't ask.      or




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