Vulcan Surfboards came to life through the mind of surfer, shaper, author, 3rd generation artist, and California native Dane Hantz.  
Dane has worked one on one with the most influential figures in the modern era of the  surfer/shaper.  Never before has one man influenced and likewise been influenced by such a broad range of talent from around the world.  Dane is regarded as 'the perfect storm' for the most comprehensive understanding of surfcraft design principles, artistic presentation and alternative construction technologies available today.  Vulcan designs are widely recognized for effortless paddle, aggressive thrust and immediate acceleration.
"A magic board isn't just a great shape, it's a union of great material construction and desirable aesthetics as well".   Vulcan is an amalgam of artistic and technical perfection, consecutively voted Best High Performance Shortboard Design by the Boardroom International.  

Boardroom International "Best High Performance Shortboard Design" 2013 and 2014.        
Official invitation and recognition by California Surf Museums 2017 Gala.
Recognition by the Surf Heritage foundation San Clemente.   
Lightning Bolt official registration of the Jerry Lopez/Vulcan Pipeliner tribute board

Collaboaration with Switchfoot to create 'Legend of Chin' album artboard featured at the annual Bro Am Invitational.
Featured in SURFER Magazine board buyers guide.
2014 Article 'A Shaping Evolution' by The Inertia.
YellowJacket surfboard review by Compare Surf.
Archetype surfboard review by Compare Surf.
Dragonfly surfboard review by The Surfboard Guide.