The Grudge 2019​​

The Grudge is built with drive and hold  for good surf.   A low forward  entry rocker allows The Grudge early entry into critical waves, while the shallow single to double concave mated to our low rails gives this stepup positive lock on critical lines.  The Grudge can be designed as a thumb or pintail to suit your style or conditions.  Ride in your usual stepup dimensions as a quad or thruster.

Usual suspects:
6' x 18.75"  x 2.25"  V=25.8

6'2" x 19.25" x 2.375"  V=29.3
6'4" x 19.5" x 2.5"  V=31.7

6'6"x 19.625" x 2.625"  V=34.5
Poly with stringer up to 7'0, 3 boxes, sand finish $600
Epoxy with stringer up to 7'0, 3 boxes, sand finish $660

Convex engineered up to 7'0, 3 boxes, sand finish $850

Add $80 for gloss and polish.

Add $140 for FusionDrive glassing.
Add $52 per side solid color resin tint.

Add $75 per side abstract resin tint.

Add $182 for fusion drive glassing

Nationwide shipping availableTo order email

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